Friday, January 1, 2010

Real Health Care Reform

Perhaps one of the most time consuming and important issues Congress addressed in 2009 and will continue to consider long into the future is that of Health Insurance Reform, cloaked in the more soothing heading of health care reform. I personally do not put my health care decisions in the hands of any government or individual health care practitioner, especially any medical professional. I sincerely hope that we take a lot of our own personal time in the coming days, months and years to give our bodies and our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health maintenance the respect and attention only we can give it ourselves. I am suggesting taking back some of the power we so willingly turned over to forces outside of ourselves, specifically the medical profession and insurance and drug industries. Relying on the knowledge for which people have been trained is critical. Discerning which people now what knowledge is paramount to the success of our maintenance program.

Our health and well being has improved immeasurably in no small part as a result of huge strides in the study of medicine. Antibiotics, anaethesia, vaccinations and a host of other incredible discoveries has afforded mankind a greatly improved survival rate. Remember there are a lot of people who have no access to medical care. There are also millions who choose non medical therapeutic modalities such as homeopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, acupuncture, herbal remedies and a whole host of others which provide great relief to the suffering and ailing. Consider the reasons why these healing arts have survived over the millennia.

There is a fundamental difference between healing and suppressive treatment. There is a difference between acute and chronic conditions. There is also a lack of awareness in ourselves about how these concepts relate to ourselves. I am suggesting that we need to raise that level of awareness. This will increase our level of respect for ourselves which will make it possible for us to increase our respect for those around us.

Become the quarterback for your own health care team. No one cares more about you or knows more about you than you yourself.

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  1. Hello, Jay, it's your NY bookseller again. My husband and I have used alternatives to conventional medicine ever since I worked in intensive care medicine At Duke and UNC over 30 years ago.

    Five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and told surgery and chemo were necessary. When I refused, I was told I would die. Instead I used Ave, a natural cancer fighting compound and acupuncture. In five years I never had a sick day and am now cancer free.

    I applaud your urging people to take charge of their health!