Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Election of Scott Brown

The attention brought to the U.S. Senate race to fill the late Senator Kennedy's seat has been nothing short of astounding. One of the reasons for elections is to make choices. This is a principle of any free society. Why people are so amazed that a Republican could win shows real disrespect for that party and all of the candidates. I am not saying that they have not done their part in earning a certain level of criticism. What is interesting is that so much power has been heaped on the outcome of this race. The entire health care reform movement is at stake. This is of course ridiculous. I seriously doubt that a little known politician can have that kind of impact. His vote on the matter is after all no more important than anyone else's. If the bill before Congress is so fragile that Senator Brown's election, and subsequent leveling of the playing field, has this effect, then the bill is seriously flawed to begin with. Politics at its worst is being played out before our very eyes with a critically important piece of legislation. We as a constituency are pawns in a squabble that has its roots spread through many fields other than health care reform. Congress is making a gross mistake with this injustice. If they can't see how disrespectful they are being of the American people, my guess is that quite a few of them will be seeking employment elsewhere come election day. The American public deserves more respect from their elected officials and everyone knows it.

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