Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Execution in China

A low ebb for a year with many others. This smacks of disrespect at the very core of humanity. To execute a man is something that must be done with great thought. I think capital punishment is barbaric and fetid. I do not see how we can progress as stewards for this great planet which we inhabit for such a short while if we are to teach such behavior to those who will inherit it after us. I sincerely hope and expect some sort of severe sanctions with China. With them must come forgiveness, however. China is such a huge power that there is a real possibility that they will actually get away with this. Thankfully the British Prime Minister has denounced this behavior as unacceptable. I'm afraid we have a tiger by the tail here though. Each and every one of us must consider resisting purchasing Chinese made products. If we don't, we are playing a role in perpetuating this ghastly behavior.

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