Saturday, December 26, 2009

The attempted bombing of Delta Airlines

This is the first day of a blog dynamic which I hope brings attention to the important underlying dynamic principle of respect and civility in society today and how it relates to headline news events. Opinions stated are mine and in the case of facts, I will make every attempt to be sure they are correct. I think that once this different point of view settles in conscience, a seed of compassion and respect will begin to germinate.

The first and foremost news story is of course the attempted explosion of the Delta airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. This is allegedly an act of terrorism and as such is the ultimate insult to human decency. We cannot survive as a healthy society if this behavior prevails. The acts of heroism displayed by the passengers on the plane demonstrates the sort of behavior which celebrates the best in humanity. There were no political motives involved in the decisions of the passengers to help one another. These were pure acts of goodness.

Questions arise as to the whole system of security. The terrorists are radicals and have a very warped sense of how we can live on the planet in harmony. Protecting ourselves successfully and completely against such a force is a challenge which we will likely be unable to meet. We, however, must continue our efforts and be thankful that we are doing as well as we are. Take a moment to be grateful to the men and women around the world fighting terrorism either in an organized army or as local watchdogs.

My guess is that justice will be served in this case. My question is how can we show compassion for a small individual man where evil forces have taken over his mind? This obvious misuse of will and power on mankind has to end or our ability to survive as a species is at high risk.

"Individual commitment to a group effort— that is what makes a team work a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

~ Vince Lombardi, Former NFL Coach

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